About Me

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I love the light and the many ways in which it gives us

beautiful images of many different subjects.....

My main interests are people and travel photography. I love to shoot people both in my studio, outdoors, on location, in people's homes and as a part of my street photography.

The Netherlands is where I live, work and do most of my photography. I  love to travel to other countries as much as I can, to find and create beautiful images. My favorite countries to travel to are Italy, Portugal and Spain. I am also fascinated by far away places especially Asia.

If you like my  photography and are interested in cooperating or doing a studio- or location shoot together, please contact me. I am open to tfp shoots with models if it adds to both our portfolio's.

Getting in touch with me can be done via email, Facebook or Instagram by clicking one of the icons below.

--- Jan

portfolio: www.jankooreman.eu

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