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Reorganization of my website


The past days I have been thinking about my photography presence on the web. I want a portfolio site and a site in the photographers community. I have decided to go for two websites; One is SmugMug (this one and the other is 500px (

SmugMug will be my portfolio site and 500px will be my site in the photographers community. In addition I publish a bit on social media  Facebook (Jee Kaa) and Instagram. (JK1956).

The main thing I want for my SmugMug portfolio is for it to be an intuitive site both for the viewer and for myself. Furthermore posting should be efficient and preferrably  as automatic as possible. Instagram doesn't help here because you can only post to instagram from a mobile device.

The folder structure of my SmugMug portfolio website is now optimized for the viewer and more aimed at my people photography.  There are now main folders for: Portfolio- which contains all my people photography, Wanderings - which contains several categories of images other than people photography (e.g. Landscapes, Macro, Still_Life and Cities_and_Architecture). Also the About_Me and Contact pages have been refreshed. The website now also has a Blog section where I will post interesting items on my wanderings in the photography world.

--- Jan


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